Wise Guidance - Lapis Lazuli Leather Bracelet

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Discover Inner Wisdom with the Wise Guidance Lapis Lazuli Wrap Bracelet

Athentic Lapis Lazuli Stone. Lapis Lazuli Bracelet. Leather Bracelet.


 Fusion of Elegance and Durability

Unveil the captivating allure of our Wise Guidance Lapis Lazuli Wrap Bracelet—a fusion of Lapis Lazuli's potent energies and the resilience of black leather. Carefully hand-selected deep blue Lapis Lazuli stones are delicately strung on a sturdy black leather cord, crafting a versatile wrap bracelet that effortlessly enhances any attire.


Meaning of Lapis Lazuli: Stone of Truth and Intuition

Embrace the inherent wisdom and truth-seeking properties of Lapis Lazuli as you adorn yourself with our exquisite wrap bracelet. Known as the stone of truth and wisdom, Lapis Lazuli stimulates intuition and self-awareness, guiding you towards personal growth and enlightenment.



Stone: Lapis Lazuli, for truth, awareness and wisdom

Leather Cord

Size: Adjustable

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