Renewal - Turquoise Boho Bracelet

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Embrace Renewal with our Turquoise Boho Bracelet


Harnessing the Power of Turquoise

Step into a realm of renewal and revitalization with our exquisite Renewal - Turquoise Boho Bracelet. Crafted with natural turquoise gemstones, sterling silver accents, and a durable leather rope, this bracelet encapsulates the essence of turquoise—a stone renowned for its profound healing properties and spiritual significance.


Turquoise: The Stone of Renewal

Discover the transformative power of turquoise as you adorn yourself with our Boho Bracelet. Revered for centuries, turquoise is hailed as the stone of renewal, symbolizing wisdom, tranquility, and protection. It is believed to promote emotional balance, enhance communication, and usher in positive energy, making it an indispensable companion on your journey of self-discovery and personal growth.



Natural Stone: Turquoise for healing, balance and prosperity
Material: Leather Rope, Sterling Silver 
Total Lenght: 32 inches. 

Adjustable Size

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