Florence Hand Hammered Tibetan Singing Bowl Set

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Make the perfect environment for your meditation practice 

     This Sing bowl makes a perfect environment for deep meditation and creative thinking. The sound of the bowl has calming effects and provides one with clarity and peace of mind. It also aids in logical thinking and can be used for meditation, yoga, and reiki sessions. 

Singing Bowls can be used to open and stabilise the meridians and to improve the synaptic responses in our brain, therefore contributing to the balance of many body disfunctions.

Each sound bowl is carefully examined and checked, and we guarantee exceptional quality. They are made by Nepalese craftsmen specializing in Meditation Singing Yoga Bowls derived from Seven Auspicious Metals.

Elevate your meditation practice and embark now on a transformative journey of inner peace and clarity.



 - 3.0” Hand Hammered Singing Bowl x 1

- Hand-sewn Silk Cushion x 1

- 1 Mallet 

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