Viverdi - Bohemian Style Retro Blanket

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Step back in time and experience the cozy nostalgia of yesteryears with this Vintage-Inspired Knitted Blanket


In today's fast-paced world, finding solace and relaxation can be a challenge. Modern living often lacks the comforting embrace and authentic charm that we yearn for. As a result, we miss out on the joy and tranquility of truly cozy moments.

 Our Vintage-Inspired Knitted Blanket is carefully crafted to bring back the magic of retro comfort.

Its versatile use includes reviving the living room, sofa or bedroom. Can be used to warm a cold night, cover in style the table or bring magic and elegance to outdoors moments.

It comes with practical handles to help you take it anywhere you desire, making it easy to carry on holidays, without crampling it inside bags or suitcases.

 Its style and design gives a touch of elegancy and sets any ambient with a beautiful decoration.


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Size: 90 x 150cm

Wash Style: Mechanical Wash

Technics: Hand Knitted

Material: Polyester / Cotton



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